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Image reads, The richest 10% of the world is responsible for almost 50% of the total day to day CO2 emissions

Climate Justice Online Resource

We believe that voting-age adults in the Greater Seattle Area need to increase their knowledge of climate justice issues so that they can advance climate justice in the community. In order to address this gap in knowledge, we are creating a climate justice online resource that is focused on local issues and policies. This online resource will contain information on climate justice, local policies that are related to climate justice, and ways that communities can get involved with this work. The goal of our project is to increase the knowledge of climate justice issues and to decrease the barriers to action for 1,000 voting-age adults in the Greater Seattle Area.

Logo of Third Door Coalition

Third Door Coalition Partnership

Members of the Seattle Hub will be assisting the Third Door Coalition, an organization working to address chronic homelessness in Seattle through permanent supportive housing, to create their Ambassador Program. The goal of the Ambassador Program is to engage volunteers in the community and grow a grassroots constituency of people productively engaged and invested in addressing chronic homelessness. As the coalition works to garner political and financial support in their efforts to increase permanent supportive housing supply in the region, they will need to make sure that the public is on board, which is where the Ambassador Program will come into play. To grow public awareness and support for these efforts, and to harness latent volunteer interest, the Ambassador Program will prepare community members to speak and advocate on behalf of Third Door, including through video content, webinars, and other educational materials.

A graphic that reads, Got Blood? Donate yours to the 90,000 people in the US affected by sickle cell disease. They often requires multiple blood transfusions throughout their lifetime. The United States is 40% below blood capacity.


This project started with our participation in Blood4All which lasted from December 1-15th, 2019. Through this initiative people in 100 cities around the world, many of them Shapers, tapped into their community networks to solicit blood donations. In this two week period, our hub yielded almost 100 donations. We are now continuing to work towards increased blood donations, which has included spreading awareness around how the blood shortage has been increased due to COVID-19 (see image). The core goals of Blood4All are: to increase awareness around the need for blood donation, to solicit blood donation, and to normalize blood donation.

Logo of Shaping the Vote that says Remember not to take your freedom for granted


In line with the Global Shaper Community’s 2021 Equity & Inclusion Impact Area goal of mobilizing 100,000 young people and diverse populations to become more civically engaged within their communities, we know we have work to do in the United States. Here, young people are apathetic around civic engagement. Only 31% of eligible millennials voted in the U.S. midterms in 2018, and we have the lowest voter turnout of any age group in elections. There are ~40 Global Shaper Hubs in the U.S. and if, together, we commit to being more civically engaged through our participation in elections, we can increase the diversity of decision making and include our perspective at the highest levels of power in this country.

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