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Co-Founder @ Murrelet Innovation LLC

Passionate about climate justice & education

Aditya Ramanathan


Associate Mechanical Engineer @ Modern Electron

Passionate about climate justice & access to education


Software Engineer @ Apple

Passionate about international development, financial inclusion, healthcare, & technology


Incoming Summer Strategy Consultant @ Accenture

Passionate about homelessness, gender and racial equity and inclusion, & climate justice

A headshot of Alex Tellez.


Regulatory Analyst @ Washington UTC

Passionate about marine conservation, environmental justice, & circular economy


Founder & Filmmaker / Photographer @ Oak Light Films

Passionate about human rights, non-fiction storytelling, & ethics


Digital Marketing Specialist @ Amazon

Passionate about environmental sustainability and women’s reproductive rights


Disability rights activist & storyteller

Passionate about intersectional disability justice, mobilizing youth movements, & accessible and equitable education



Software Engineer @ Status Controls

Passionate about technology, climate change, & health equity


Statewide Advocacy Senior Coordinator @ Washington Trails Association

Passionate about community development, environmental justice, & international political economy


Consultant @ Point B

Passionate about social and health equity, education, & international development


Graduate Student @ the University of Washington

Passionate about climate change & ocean conservation

Emily Doyle


Development Coordinator @ The Mockingbird Society

Passionate about youth homelessness & food equity


Program Associate @ VitalTalk

Passionate about public health, reproductive justice, democracy, & racial justice


Product Manager @ Microsoft

Passionate about startups, Climate Change, & Immigration


Program Analyst @ Gates Ventures

Passionate about social equity


Programs Associate at Bezos Family Foundation

Passionate about, technology philanthropy, & youth leadership programming


Content Strategist @Accelerating Social Transformation Advancement; Specialist @Black Fox Philanthropy; Board Member @FRIDA | Young Feminist Fund

Passionate about social change


Co-founder & CTO @ Modern Electron

Passionate about energy

Senior Program Manager, Gender-based Violence Initiatives @ Uber

Passionate about Gender & racial equity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, & human rights

Rami Sayar


Principal Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Passionate about startups & circular economy


Director of Data and Research @ All Raise

Passionate about education reform & mentorship for at risk youth


Global Policy professional

Passionate about digital ethics


Social Worker @ WA State DSHS

Passionate about mental health, environmental issues, public policy, health care delivery reform, & chronic homelessness



Senior at the University of Washington

Passionate about Climate Communication, Climate Justice, & Universal Design


Senior at the University of Washington

Passionate about sustainable fashion and clothing design, cross-section of the climate & social justice


Alexa Bednarz

Ben Friedman

Ben Gilbert

Berit Anderson

Bora Sekerel

Buddy Waddington

Chelsea Glaser

Chinara Satkeeva

Cole Hoover

Dan Mahle

Danielle Granatt

David Kirichenko

Diego González-Medina

Gina Phillips

Jamie Van Horne

Jasika Bawa

Jeremy Schifberg

Juan Osorio

Kate Wang

Kyle Kesterson

Lana Maytak

Ling Wong

Martina Welkhoff

Michael Vogel

Monica Guzman

Monica Houston

Nadia Mahmud

Navid Hadzaad

Nikki Lee

Paul Sacca

Philip Welkhoff

Shireen Tabrizi

Shwetak Patel

Susan Lieu

Tony Pan

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